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CNTC’s new skyscraper that will forever change Bengaluru’s skyline

Bengaluru has for the last two decades seen unprecedented transformation across its skyline. From a sleepy, silent ‘garden city’ that was the hub of pensioners, it has now become a fast-paced, global, versatile technology hub. With all the quick changes that have been happening, from infrastructure to industries, it was but a matter of time for homes to play catch up. The new skyscraper in this once slow-paced town, is soon set to change the look of this place forever.

We are a city of firsts. Bengaluru was the first to get electricity in 1905, the first to openly encourage entrepreneurs and creators. It also became the first Indian city to get its own logo as recent as 2017. Much of the growth and development in Karnataka today can be attributed to the kind of talent that this city attracts and how it is able to sustain and nurture such grand visions. Among the various city firsts’ is the new skyscraper – The Presidential Tower – by CNTC that is set to change the face of Bengaluru forever.


Bengaluru has from the beginning been the place where companies have set up shop and built their identity from the ground up. It was one of the earliest cities where the TATA group built its manufacturing division, the first to have a research centre at IISc and where ingenious Mysore Sandal Soaps became a household name. The city and its salubrious climate has attracted people from across the country who came to make it their home.

Technology changed Bengaluru, when it became huge at the turn of this century and the city continues to attract and retain IT talent to this day. Much of what we see, in terms of digital, VFX, VR is because of the contribution of this city in terms of the talent here

Given all that the city has seen and experienced, it is natural for Bengaluru to go through the next cycle of transformation. Ultra-luxurious living, in homes that truly epitomise how people see themselves, how far they have come and what can be achieved.

One of the few cities that embraces change, Bengaluru has changed drastically across the last two decades. The city has seen neighborhoods transform, homes scale vertically, infrastructure become more evolved, new layouts establish, people focusing more on their needs, uncompromising in their lifestyle and amenities. If there’s anything to be said about this city, its that ‘change has been the only constant’.

CNTC’s The Presidential Tower will truly be a benchmark, a skyscraper that will change Bengaluru’s skyline forever. From its 50-floor vantage point the city will not look the same ever again. CNTC’s tallest towers in Shanghai and the rest of the world have been truly world class in execution. The same applied in the construction of Bengaluru’s tallest skyscraper will be the beginning of what we as a city can achieve, and how its facade will ensure a significant transformation in building construction for several years to come.

7 Stylish Festive Interior Ideas for Your Home This Christmas

It’s the season to be merry, to tuck into sweets and homemade cakes, drink mulled wine under the tree and catch up with family and close friends. Christmas brings everyone together and culminates in ushering the new year. There is catching up to do, food to prepare and tasks to finish. It won’t be surprising if you miss out on some decoration, and doing up your interiors in the rush of it all. Given the pace of work to get our luxurious homes in The Presidential Tower ready and up for possession by 2021, we thought of sharing a few stylish interior ideas that will come handy for you in your own home.

Re-think Festive Colors– Holiday decor for this time of the year is most often traditional reds, whites and greens. This is also the way most of us become repetitive with colors over time. You can put a spin to this in choosing a different color theme for your home. Whether blues/whites or gold/green/red, these colors in furnishings and decor transform the space and blend in to highlight the festive spirit.

Use Fresh Foliage – Festivity can be reflected in anything. What is important is how it elevates the look and feel of a space. Natural, fresh foliage interspersed in different parts of the home when juxtaposed with metallics and traditional decor, balances the overall look. A bit of nature on your Christmas table looks appealing, brightens up the space and is perfect for homes that don’t have many options for natural gardens and outdoor foliage.

Mimic Marble Aesthetics – Marble is fresh, lively and white and perks up a space instantly. If your home already has marble floors and counters, complement them with textured surfaces in cutlery and other decor. If your home doesn’t have marble, incorporate it in inventive ways from painted cabinets to napkins and other furnishings. Marble is stylish, offsets bright colors and can transform a home.

Place festive baubles everywhere – If you’ve not had much time on decor, yet want to emphasise style and look, a clever idea would be to strew collections of festive baubles everywhere. Place a bowl of pine cones on the coffee or dinner table, stylish garlands wrapped around the stairway or chairs, candles lit in a group on the mantle-piece and more. These are easy to put together, look incredibly stylish and can be placed in any room.

Add Your Personal Touch – As festive as a home might be, it is incomplete if its doesn’t have a piece of you in it. Surround your Christmas tree or the festive table with curios and collectibles picked up from your travels, ceramic plates and glass mugs, wooden reindeer statues and pine cones, elaborate furnishings and wreaths. Having your own personal mementos makes the decor all the more warm and inviting.

The decor of a home is so very important to us, especially since we live surrounded by it everyday. Festivities demand an additional touch, something simple, easy and yet which can change the look and feel of a home. At the Presidential Tower, our interiors reflect a stylish, luxe look, one that can be altered and changed and enhanced based on whatever the occasion might me.

CNTC wishes you and your family a joy filled and Merry Christmas!

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