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5 Features that Define Luxury Living for Homebuyers

Beautiful homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed. Beyond their primary purpose of a roof over our heads, homes can also enhance and enrich us, fulfil all our needs and enhance convenience. As a homebuyer, wouldn't you want the very best in luxury living?

So what defines luxury? What makes us go, “This is special!” Or ‘This one I must own!’. Is it determined by location, amenities, price, square foot or even a combination of all of these?
To [...]

5 Amenities Residential Luxury Homes Provide

Do you believe that there is a more to a home than just a roof over your head, and a place to shelter your family? Unlike days of old, homes today have gone beyond just being brick and mortar structures. They’ve become a place to relax, de-stress, indulge and entertain. A place where we must find our happiness, peace and comfort. Interiors and decor play a major role in creating this ambience. A less understood factor but one that [...]

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The Presidential Tower, Yeshwantpur

Yeshwantpur – Bengaluru’s Trendy Business District

Vibrant cities make for happy citizens. They are fun, entertaining, multi-faceted and open to change. Bengaluru has over the last decade become one of the most vibrant, eclectic and discerning city, with an equal focus on arts and culture, business and entertainment. Within Bengaluru are several smaller areas or hubs around which life thrives. Yeshwantpur with its well planned layouts, large malls, high-rises, upscale restaurants and incredible connectivity is set to become the city’s next big emerging business district [...]

The Value of Investing in Luxurious Homes

People love the sense of familiarity with their surroundings. They love for what they see to become a part of their life. Art that they’ve experienced, beautiful furniture that can elevate their space, furnishings that their family will love and appreciate. This luxury and opulence that lies right within the walls of their homes. While a majority still buy furniture and create interiors only with the purpose of comfort, there is no reason why luxurious homes shouldn't be something [...]