A Landmark is Born – The Presidential Tower, South India’s Tallest Residential Building

When CNTC, the truly phenomenal global real estate firm based in Hong Kong, thought of launching operations in India they needed a magnificent project that would represent the stature and innovative prowess of the brand. Thus was born the idea to create the tallest residential tower in South India – The Presidential Tower at Yeshwantpur. The project which is being built in partnership with Best Golden Developers Pvt Ltd is among the first constructions of CNTC India Projects. The epic project captures the true meaning of prime residential spaces through design, innovation in engineering and sheer size.

The project is unique because of its immense height, amenities and other features. Every element of The Presidential Tower comes together to create the ultimate haven for all who reside here. The project has been conceptualized for those who enjoy the comforts of exemplary luxury. The Presidential Tower has been designed to give your senses the royal treatment. From a lobby and lounge that mirrors star hotels to a business center, golf simulator to other amenities, The Presidential Tower seeks to provide unmatched opulence in every aspect.

Another great feature of the project is the 3-tier security monitoring that provides the residents 24*7 safety. The Presidential Tower is not just a building that you call home, it emphasizes your lifestyle through hand-picked amenities that provide you with all that you need to create a fruitful life in Bangalore. With a world-class gymnasium, dance studio, abundant lawn space to host parties, games and recreation area, squash court, tennis courts, amphitheater, infinity swimming pool on the 50th floor and other meaningful amenities. The Presidential Tower lives up to its name and gives you a presidential life.

But this is just half the story. While the features on the ground are brilliant in their own right, the amenities high above called the Sky Park is what sets The Presidential Tower apart.

The Sky Park has been built with many luxurious amenities like the infinity pool with an unrestricted view of the landscape spread beneath you. Other facilities include the Sky Buffet, a dedicated space set apart from the party area that supports external catering, a circular dance floor at the edge of the party space with mood lighting, 360-degree bar counters, bridge gym and health club, a meditation zone and terrace party deck. The Sky Park also has a viewing gallery that is a glass orb that will be the highest elevated level in Bangalore and can afford a view of 60 km on a clear day. The Presidential Tower also looks to the future with a helipad that is of the highest standards and is compliant with Fire Department regulations for emergency use. With Heli-taxis soon to be an integral part of Bengaluru, The Presidential Tower has already taken the necessary steps to be future-ready.

For those with a zeal for life, homes are not just a space to exist but to live fully. At The Presidential Tower, you will receive every chance to relish the big and small joys of life through a carefully planned building that will become an icon in the near future.