3 Ways Tall Buildings Epitomize Success I The Presidential Tower
The Presidential Tower

3 Ways Tall Buildings Epitomise Success

Buildings have always been defined by their physical structure, their length and breadth, their look and dimensions. As structures they symbolise a space designed for a specific purpose. They are therefore created to be lived in, for work or commercial interests, to engage in leisure activities and retail purposes. However, at a deeper, subtle level, buildings are tied in very deeply to how we feel and what we do, our success and failures. The Presidential Tower in Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru that has been built tied in to such deep emotions of success.

Structures symbolise so much more than just their physical self. Although it is the same brick and mortar that goes into creating them, what is actually manifested are an owner’s hopes and dreams.

It is said that ‘The taller the building, the more prestigious it appears.’ At a deeper level, the more one climbs up in hierarchy, physical and otherwise, the more it translates into actual prestige which in turn manifests in all aspects of life both personal and professional.

So how do tall buildings manifest success?

  1. Tall buildings are an astounding engineering feat – Before owning and living in one, the actual awe lies in how the building got built in the first place. The sheer amount of planning, construction, layout and structuring is astounding. Add to it are crucial factors such as safety, convenience and interiors and bringing everything together is nothing short of a miracle. Take the world’s second tallest mega skyscraper, The Shanghai Tower at 632 meters. 30 consulting companies in architectural structure, mechanical and electrical engineering, fire protection and several more sub-contractors with expertise across niches worked together seamlessly to create this engineering marvel.
  1. Tall buildings use technology for seamless execution – Height is just one of the attributes of a physical structure. Creating it at a scale hitherto never attempted before takes careful co-ordination between a multitude of players, working across roles and expertise to create something beautiful and bold. Technology is one differentiating factor that makes such largescale construction possible. By innovating and using cutting-edge technology to co-ordinate and execute flawless construction, its management becomes real-time, efficient and underlined by quality.
  1. Tall buildings keep their ethos intact – Contrary to popular thinking, tall buildings will only stand tall as iconic symbols if they carry the ethos and soul of why they were built in the first place. The Shanghai tower for example, is one of three distinct buildings that showcases the past, present and future of the city. Inspired by Shanghai traditions, its spiralling form represents the dynamic emergence of modern China. The tower is culturally and symbolically aligned with the growth of the city and represents its soul in design and construction.

Tall buildings disrupt traditional thinking, they challenge established norms, put forth new challenges. The people living in them align with this and resonate with the same. It is therefore not a surprise that tall buildings symbolise success and manifest the same in the people who live and work in them.

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